Once upon a time there were eight tribes ruled by a giant Monster Tree. This monster spread lies and use violence to keep the throne. It was known for all tribes one ancient prophecy in which one day a warrior who could master the power of the totems would come to reclaim his throne and defeat the Monster.

Ride on cool dinosaurs

While playing the game you can ride on dinosaurs. When you ride a dinosaurs you will gain some magical properties that can help you to overcome any enemy or obstacles.

Jump through the ropes

In some levels, you will see a bunch of hanging ropes to help you to cross and get to the other side. Do not forget to keep pressing right or left (depending on the direction you want to go) to gain impulse, and then press the jumping button to release the rope and reach the other side.

Use your Boomerang to defeat the enemies

While living in the forest with his dinosaur friends, the boy found an ancient boomerang that can hit and destroy any enemies cross his path. If you keep the throwing button pressed for few milliseconds an aim will show up and you can choose better your target.

Use the power of the totems

The warrior boy is the only one who can use the power of the totems to increase its abilities. By breaking mysterious bricks you can find up to 5 different totems which can gives you unique powers to help you in your journey. Totems are displayed in the right upper corner of the screen before the score and collected stars. To use the totem, click on those icons displayed.